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Ashveen Maheshwari

Interests Concept design, graphic design, CAD tools.
Hobbies - photography, football, table tennis.

Contact ash.mec@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09535146072




Dhaivat Suthar

Interests Automobile designing, graphic designing, branding, digital video editing.
Hobbies - Photography, Dj'ing, snooker, bunking lectures.

Contact dhaivatsuthar@gmail.com

Ph. no- 09535144548

Portfolio http://coroflot.com/dhaivatsuthar



Gagandeep Singh Khurana

Interests technical design, new concept design, AutoCAD
Hobbies Playing Squash, golf, swimming, quake 3 arena,

Contact fistoffurypowerman@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09535146009




Guru Prasad G

Interests Consumer Gadgets, Interiors design, & materials Innovation.
Hobbies Reading , cycling, travelling, badminton, learning languages, Making friends.

Contact ar.guruprasadg@gmail.com

Ph. No 09242762856



Harrangad Singh Bhalla

Interests Automobile design & styling, graphic design, web-design, business.
Hobbies Motorcycle riding, hanging around, surfing, photography, sketching, swimming, trekking.

Contact angad_bhalla@rediffmail.com

Ph. no - 09535144505




Harshala Gugale

Interests product Design, styling, graphic design.
Hobbies - Trekking, travelling, painting, sketching, dancing.

Contact harshala.g@gmail.com

Ph. No -



Himanshu Chaman

Interests Auto Design.
Hobbies - Sketching, riding bikes, badminton, swimming, skating, dancing, cycling.

Contact - himanshu6428@gmail.com

Ph. No - 09535145465



Manikanda Vignesh S

Interests Materials, Concept design, graphic design, CAD tools.
Hobbies - Photography, cricket.

Contact vignesh.soundar@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09845571386




Nilesh R Walke

Interests Green Technology, Mechanics, Electronic Gadgets, theoretical Physics.
Hobbies - Playing Pool, Studying Psychology, Computer games, Skating.

Contact nilesh2885@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09535146004



Rambabu R

Interests Automobiles, Archeology, Mechanisms, Ergonomics,
Hobbies Reading Spiritual books.

Contact rambabu25@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09535144490



Santosh Pakhare

Interests Home appliance design, biomedical design, graphic designing, CAD tools.
Hobbies - photography, swimming, skating.

Contact santosh.pakhare@gmail.com





Surajbhan Samarjeet Madiyapur

Interests Architecture/interior design, Automobile designing, graphic designing,.
Hobbies - Photography, snooker, swimming, football.

Contact surajbhan.m@gmail.com

Ph. no- 09535145909



Tojo Thomas

Interests Graphic design, Design Management, Design Thinking,
Hobbies - Photography, art, hockey, swimming, football, table tennis.

Contact tojo10986@gmail.com

Ph.no- 09535145911




Vijay Panchore

Interests Materials, Mechanism Design.
Hobbies - Football.

Contact vijaypanchore36@gmail.com

Ph.no - 09535145875



Vinay V

Interests Product Design, Alternate Energy, Magnetism Research, Styling, Graphic Design.
Hobbies - Playing badminton, swimming, carom.

Contact vwinay@gmail.com,

Ph. No - 09535145516





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