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About CPDM

The Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM) was established to pursue excellence in teaching, research and industry interaction in the area of Design. The two-year M.Des programme is the flagship program of the Centre. The Centre is perhaps the only place in India pursuing an active research programme in Design spanning the broad areas of Design Theory and Methodology, Human Factors in Design, PLM and, Vehicle Design, Simulation and Testing.

One of the latest additions to the elite institute, CPDM is dedicated towards the advancement of knowledge through continuous research in the area of design. The core competency of CPDM lies in the successful amalgamation of research in design (M.Sc.(Engg.) and Ph.D.) and design in practice (M.Des.). CPDM firmly believes that product designers and design researchers are complementary to each other. While designers create products to improve the society, design researchers develop effective design methods and techniques for better design.

Salient points about CPDM

Objective is to pursue excellence in education, research and industrial interaction in the area of product design.

Offers 2-Year M.Des. course to train students with engineering & architecture degree to conceptualize and engineer products to satisfy societal needs considering functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, materials, manufacturing & marketing aspects.

Offers design research programme both at M.Sc. (Engg.) and Ph D level- offering an amplitude of areas to specialize in- aiming to contribute to the field of design by developing in-depth understanding of design process and developing theories and methods for better design.


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